BOSTON (CBS) — Drones and hoverboards, two of the hottest items under the tree this year, came with a warning.

On Dec. 21, the FAA issued a warning that all drones over .55 pounds must be registered. The concern is that drones could interfere with airplanes. 20 already have in Boston since 2013.

An airplane flies over Boston. (WBZ-TV)

An airplane flies over Boston. (WBZ-TV)

Users have until February 2016 to register their devices.

As for hoverboards, there have been numerous reports of the toys catching fire. Lithium batteries have ignited while charging, making some parents nervous.

“We had second thoughts about these as presents because of that,” said mom Sonia Hernan.

Hernan ended up buying her two sons a hover board to share but she won’t let them charge it out of sight.

“We will not plug them in and leave them alone, we’re being careful,” she said.

She’s also worried the devices could keep kids from being kids.

“It looks cool, of course, but we don’t know what to think about it yet. We just hope it doesn’t take them away from playing outside with other kids or exercise,” Hernan said.

The warnings haven’t phased her son though, or Ideal Dash, who received a hoverboard as a gift.

“This is the best thing out right now. I’ve never seen (anything) better than this hoverboard,” he said while hovering around Boylston street Friday.

Despite the horror stories of fires and plane interference, it’s hard to keep kids away from the momentum of something cool. So it appears as far as these toys are concerned, Christmas future is here to stay.


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