BOSTON (CBS) — The Cleveland Circle Chipotle restaurant that was shut down after dozens of people became sick after eating there has been deemed “clean” by inspection services Wednesday and cleared to open Thursday.

“It’s looking good. They’ve come a long way,” said John Meaney, an assistant commissioner with Boston’s Inspectional Services Department.

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The restaurant was shut down December 7 after several students became sick. Boston Health officials eventually traced 153 cases of norovirus to the restaurant.

After Chipotle’s CEO promised that the Boston restaurant would be “completely sanitized,” all of the workers were tested for norovirus and the manager was fired.

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“What we had here was a bad decision by a manager,” Meaney told reporters. “Clearly someone had told his boss he was sick. And he was told to stay until the end of his shift. Bad mistake. Serious consequences.”

Chipotle has said the restaurant could reopen by the end of the week.

A Brookline woman filed a lawsuit against Chipotle, saying her son was sickened after eating at the restaurant.

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Ted Wallace, a Boston College student, said the fast food restaurant was a weekly stop for many people on the campus. But after hearing some of the horror stories of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, Wallace said, “I won’t be back.”