By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – Eight-year-old Kylie Plowman may be small in stature but she’s making a mighty big impact by raising money for charity.

On Tuesday she donated two checks, one to the Toys for Wilmington Children through the fire department and the other to Boston Children’s Hospital, each receiving more than $2,000.

Two weeks ago Kylie wrote to her “Elf on the Shelf” a letter saying the most helpful thing in the world would be to donate money to charity this Christmas. Her mother was so inspired by her daughter’s heart that she set up a fundraising page with the hopes of raising $600. But donations kept pouring in totaling $5,132.

“Her gift of kindness to others through this campaign has really touched a lot of people,” Kylie’s mother Melissa Plowman said.

Kylie visited both the Wilmington Fire Department and Boston Children’s Hospital to deliver the checks.

Kylie Plowman of Wilmington (WBZ-TV)

Kylie Plowman of Wilmington (WBZ-TV)

“It was incredible,” said Nate Plowman, Kylie’s father. “I felt like the whole fire department came out to greet us.”

Kylie said she wanted to do it “to help kids that don’t have a lot of Christmas presents.”

This was Kylie’s first visit to the hospital and they thanked her with a certificate of appreciation.

Kylie is just thankful to give back.

“I just hope that this kind of passes on so that a lot of people in the world can still be happy,” Kylie said.

Paul Burton