By Kate Merrill

DANVERS (CBS) – On the streets of Danvers, there is still heartache and sadness over the horrific crime that happened inside their high school.

Resident Kathy Meaney says “It was a terrible thing for Danvers and the verdict was right, it’s a tragic thing all around.”

But with Tuesday’s verdict of guilty, comes some sense of relief.

Charlie Bergeron lives in Danvers and he says “It’s good to put behind us and good for her parents and maybe they can put it behind them now it’s good for all of us.”

For others, there is actually much more than relief.

“I’m happy I got the chills,” Maria Petro says. “I’m happy, actually happy.”

Colleen Ritzer. (Facebook photo)

Colleen Ritzer. (Facebook photo)

Strong emotions and opinions in the town where Colleen Ritzer taught. Everyone seemed to have a connection and everyone was watching the trial closely.

Now many here say, they want her killer gone for good.

Bergeron says, “It’s just terrible and I’m just glad it’s over and to be honest I hope he never gets out.”

Kate Merrill


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