By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – You know the classic family dilemma – you don’t like the movies the kids want to see and they aren’t interested in what you prefer. But it’s going to be hard to ignore the coming tidal wave of “Star Wars” hype. And with the movie about to envelop the culture with the widest December release in history, we wondered: how can we promote togetherness between the die-hard fans and the skeptics?

Greg Katsoulis of Cambridge has been a “Star Wars” devotee for 38 years since he and his brother saw it twice on opening day. But his eleven year old daughter Evia has been a tougher sell.

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Greg and Evia Katsoulis (WBZ-TV)

Greg and Evia Katsoulis (WBZ-TV)

“I don’t really like them,” she says. “I feel like there’s only one girl character, and I like strong girl characters.”

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Attempting to persuade his daughter, Greg says “the appeal for me was that it gave my imagination a place to go, there was a lot of richness to the universe that it created, and one of the great things about the original movies was that there was a lot of stuff suggested, as opposed to shown.”

Evia thought that one over, and acknowledged she likes fantasy stories. But when I suggested that even if it’s not really her cup of tea, it’s a chance to share a fun experience with Dad, she said: “Yeah, sort of, but I still don’t really want to go to it.”

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Nonetheless, they have tickets for Saturday night, and under my relentless cross-examination, Evia confessed why: “He’s bribing me with Twizzlers.”

Jon Keller