BOSTON (CBS) – You need to protect what’s in your wallet. You need to protect your numbers. Credit card, ATM, Social Security, pin numbers. Do not carry your Social Security card in your wallet!

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Many of us shop online and we give out our credit card number. If you are unsure about a site use PayPal instead of your credit card to purchase the merchandise.

Some shoppers are using their phones to pay for merchandise. The phone definitely has added security in that the merchant never sees your credit card number.

When you send a check to the credit card company only put the last four digits of your card number on the check.

Some credit card holders are losing their points to fraud. The thief goes after the points; doesn’t try to charge anything just uses the points. Usually they request a gift card that they can use. So check your points with each statement.

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Beware of someone calling you about your account. They tell you that your account has been flagged for an unusual purchase pattern. “Have you purchased a laptop at a store in Colorado?” they ask. Your answer is “no”.

They offer to issue you a new credit card, asking you to verify that you have the card in question in your possession. They ask you to read off the last three numbers that appear on the back of your card.

Those three numbers are your card’s verification value and the thief now has them. He got the rest of your number from some other source and he now has the ability to convince online and phone merchants he is you.

Don’t give out any personal numbers when someone calls you. Tell them you’d like to verify their request. Call the 800 number on the back of your credit card and don’t use a telephone number they give you!

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Make the time to get online and check your credit card statement. At least weekly.