By Christina Hager

SALEM (CBS) – Philip Chism hears an imaginary male voice giving him commands. “As clearly as he could hear my voice,” said Dr. Richard Dudley, who testified on behalf of Chism’s insanity defense Monday.

He also said Chism suffers from psychosis, and said the 16-year-old has been hearing the voice since he was 10-years-old.

Chism sat without expression as he faced the 11th day of testimony in his trial for the rape and murder of his 24-year-old math teacher Colleen Ritzer. Dudley told jurors that Chism expressed remorse and regret for “not understanding the voices were an illness.”

He said if the illness had been treated, he may not have “caused the difficulties that he’s caused…for this family.”

Prosecutor Kate McDougall responded sharply. “Is that how he descried them? ‘Difficulties’, Dr. Dudley?” Dudley answered, “I think it’s pretty hard for him to talk about this.”

Chism asked to go back to his lock-up during an afternoon hearing. He’s expected back Tuesday, along with two more witnesses to testify for the prosecution’s rebuttal, before closing arguments.

Christina Hager


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