NEWTON (CBS) — Sally Waite is a mom on a mission.

She knows the demands of having a rambunctious 2-year-old and balancing that with her new online business.

She recently launched an inspirational jewelry line with her Aunt, called “Sally Jane.”  She says her jewelry is all about being positive; using a bee as their symbol.

“We loved the idea of using the bee. We loved the play on words, to just be – live in the present as you go about life.”

Sally Waite's "just bee" jewelry. (WBZ-TV)

Sally Waite’s “just bee” jewelry. (WBZ-TV)

This Newton mom never realized how much she would need that very message two years ago.

“I couldn’t understand or comprehend how the most amazing special time in our lives had suddenly turned into a nightmare.”

While seven months pregnant with her son Sam – and on the verge of starting her jewelry business, she says she experienced unbearable stomach pain.  Doctors thought it was an ovarian cyst.

“I never, ever thought that it would be cancer. I was only 31 years old.”

The cancer had spread. Sally was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer.  She delivered a healthy baby boy and a week later began several rounds of chemo, followed by surgeries at Mass General.

“We got the word that the chemo was successful and that I had an outstanding response to it.”

Her husband Steve is her strongest supporter.

“We just kept perspective about what was important and what was important to us was as normal of a family life as possible,” says Steve.

After surviving the fight of her life, Sally is now cancer free.

“I was amazed at the strength that I had. I never would have expected that I would have gotten through what I did.”

Sally Waite with her husband Steve and son Sam. (WBZ-TV)

Sally Waite with her husband Steve and son Sam. (WBZ-TV)

Her focus is on family and a new beginning for her jewelry business. With every purchase, a portion will be donated to cancer research at Mass General.

“One in three women and one in two men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. If there’s a tiny way that I can help – so that no one has to hear what I did, then I want to be part of that.”

And for Sally, she’s just happy to be.

For more on Sally’s inspirational story and jewelry line, check out


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