BOSTON (CBS) — When Sarah Sigro picks up adult beverages for a party, they actually don’t look like alcohol.

She serves “root beer-beer.”

“I like it because it’s delicious,” she says. “It’s like drinking an awesome childhood drink, but in an adult way.”

Sarah’s favorite is Not Your Father’s Root Beer. The makers say it’s flying off the shelves.

In addition to hard root beer, you can find other flavors like cherry cola, orange, lemon-lime, and ginger ale.

Brian Sudano of the Beverage Marketing Corporation says this line of drinks is the next step in an evolution that started with wine coolers and moved onto flavored vodkas, spiked lemonade, and craft ciders.

While these drinks are popular with adults, experts say parents need to stay on top of this trend since they might appeal to a younger crowd.

Manufacturers say they do take under-age drinking seriously, and are making sure their products are labelled for adults only.


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