BOSTON (CBS) – Two Boston Police officers are being praised for saving a desperate veteran and avoiding a tragedy on a bus during Veterans Day.

One of the officers, identified by the Boston Herald as Capt. Haseeb Hosein, was working a construction detail at Columbia Road and Stoughton Street in Dorchester when an MBTA bus driver sought his help.

There was a man on the bus threatening to kill himself while holding a hatchet to his neck.

Hosein called for back-up, boarded the bus and started talking to the man.

Another officer, identified by the Herald as patrol officer David Godin, joined the conversation and the man told them he was a veteran.

When he heard that, Godin responded, “Thank you for your service.”

That compliment touched the man so much he dropped the hatchet and eventually walked off the bus and to a waiting ambulance.

“The goal on a call like this is for everyone to go home safe and, thankfully, today everybody did,” police said in a statement.


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