By Louisa Moller, WBZ-TV

CHESTNUT HILL (CBS) – Boston College is the latest university where students held a “walkout” event in solidarity with students at the University of Missouri.

Earlier this week, Mizzou’s President and Chancellor stepped down after students vigorously protested racially charged events on campus.

Just after noon on Thursday, more than 200 BC students gathered in front of the O’Neill Library for the event entitled “Blackout: Mizzou We Stand With You.”

“We will be wearing Black for all the injustices students of color face on this campus and other college’s nationwide endure. With events happening at University of Missouri, Ithaca college, Yale, American University, and countless other universities nationally and internationally, it is vital to fight against covert and overt racism in all places of education and empowerment,” a Facebook invitation for the event stated.

A handful of students stood on a bench and shared personal stories of alleged racism on campus.

“I know last year I witnessed a first year student walking through the mods and a person yell, hey come to my party Rosa Parks,” Senior James Kale II said.

Attendees said the event was also aimed at encouraging institutional change on the BC campus.

“It starts with listening to the students and making sure the student’s experiences are validated, that they’re seen as truthful, and they can see it as a way to have actionable change,” Professor of sociology Shawn McGuffey said.


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