BOSTON (CBS) — Nobody knows exactly what is going on with the Colts and their injury reports, but everyone can agree that something’s amiss.

A day after the Colts announced Andrew Luck would be out for the next two to six weeks after suffering a lacerated kidney on Sunday, CBSSports’ Will Brinson joined Toucher & Rich.

Fred Toucher asked Brinson if there were any shenanigans going on in Indy.

“Only if you think that the broken rib — which isn’t actually broken — lacerated the kidney itself,” Brinson said. “I think what happened is … I’m assuming the NFL has warned them at this point that fudging injury reports will go over poorly, and they decided to jump the gun.”

Brinson said the timing of the announcement, on the Colts’ bye week, is strange.

“Everything about this stinks. I mean, you cover the NFL long enough and you see something pop up, my Spidey sense goes off. I don’t buy this timeline,” Brinson said. “Why would you announce this before the bye? You don’t have to give an injury report. You could just say Andrew Luck didn’t practice, he has a rib injury. You don’t have to say he’s out two to six weeks when one of those weeks is the bye, I don’t think. They could have gone into the bye, they could have avoided saying this. The two-to-six week timeline doesn’t make any sense because no one’s out in the range of two to six weeks, and no one’s coming back from a lacerated kidney two weeks later. Keenan Allen was shut down for the season with a lacerated kidney.”

Brinson noted that the hit that led to Luck’s injury was a bad one, but the pre-existing/unreported rib injury to Luck likely played a role in the kidney injury.

“I think that [the ribs] were messed up and they just declined to say anything,” Brinson said. “I think that the wear and tear over the course of the season with what Luck’s had to deal with probably resulted in further injury.”

Brinson also fielded questions on whether Luck would ever leave the Colts, the odd behavior of Ryan Grigson in the press box, the news of the involvement with Disney and the NFL in L.A., the relentless tweets of angry Michigan fans, and more. Listen below:

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