BOSTON (CBS) — Tony Massarotti doesn’t know if Tyler Segiun will win anything the rest of his career, but he knows the Boston Bruins will be paying for their trade of the young star for the next decade.

While he didn’t complain enough about the trade at the time it was made, watching Seguin net a hat trick against his former team Tuesday night brought the anger back for Mazz.

“It pissed me off to the high heavens when you had a kid who was 21 at the time, a franchise player potentially, and you give up on him after three years,” Mazz said to start Wednesday’s Felger & Mazz. “They had that guy, they had him. You don’t trade a horse for ponies. There are very few occasions in sports where that worked out.

“The Bruins are going to pay for this trade for the next 10 years,” he said. “They’re only going to see him a couple of times a year, barring the Stanley Cup Final. Who the hell knows if Seguin is going to win anything, but I do know he’s a phenomenal talent.”

Even if all the bad rumors we heard about Seguin’s off-ice antics were true, Mazz said Boston should have done more to make it work.

“We’ll see how it plays out, but if you’re asking me if I think the Bruins could have won with Tyler Seguin on their team, the answer is yes,” he said. “It drives me bananas that anything that doesn’t exactly fit their idea of a hockey player gets jettisoned out. You look at the pattern: Seguin, [Phil] Kessel, [Dougie] Hamilton — anyone who doesn’t play with all grit and less talent is out.

“[He was] 21 years old; fight through it with the kid and get him on the straight and narrow,” he said of Seguin’s off-ice issues. “Don’t just give up on him, but work on it. Some talents, you put up with because they’re that good.”



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