By Jon Keller

By Jon Keller, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – There’s a one-in-seven chance that you have an important election in your city and town Tuesday, when 53 cities and towns will hold elections for local offices.

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And there’s a 70-percent chance or better than you don’t know about it, or if you do, don’t give a darn.

I know, you may be thinking here we go again with another finger-wagging lecture on the importance of voting. And while I do find it pathetic when a large majority of the population fails to exercise a right that some have fought and died for and others would kill to have, I can understand when people feel so alienated from federal or state government that they don’t bother.

But if you don’t think it matters to you who your local city or town officials are, you really ought to think again.

It’s harder to think of an aspect of your daily life that local government doesn’t touch than to imagine one that does.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

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If you own property, they assess its value and set the tax rate on it. If you have kids, they manage their schools and recreation. Do you use the streets and sidewalks, generate waste that needs to be collected, need protection for your home or business from vandals and thieves?

Crucial decisions about all of that are going to be made by the people on your local ballot today.

If you have internet access, it would take you about ten minutes to find basic information to shape your decisions; if you don’t, about 20 minutes at the library ought to do it.

And the voting process itself will take a few seconds; rest assured that long lines won’t be a problem today.

So, go vote.

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Because if you don’t, you’re leaving it up to someone else whose judgement might not be the best.

Jon Keller