BOSTON (CBS) — With Greg Bedard in studio for his weekly visit, Felger & Mazz hit the Sports Illustrated writer with 10 questions from around the NFL.

Here are the questions, and you can get Bedard’s answers in the video above.

10. If you’re Josh McDaniels, what team are you eyeing as your No. 1 destination?

Tennessee, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Detroit and Cleveland may all be looking for a head coach in the offseason. Bedard went with the Indianapolis Colts, but thinks McDaniels may get some advice to avoid dealing with an owner like Jim Irsay.

“Normally I would say, no doubt, Indianapolis because they have the quarterback. But for these guys looking for jobs, it’s all about the owners… It’s a tough call, but when push comes to shove I’d go with the quarterback.”

9. Does Chip Kelly to Tennessee now make sense?
8. If you could redraft the 2015 1st round, where would Todd Gurley go?
7. What do the Patriots do with David Andrews when Bryan Stork is ready to go?
6. Who is the best young quarterback (26 or younger) in the NFL?
5. Would you trade Tom Brady for Andrew Luck, straight up, if Bill Belichick is your coach for the next seven years?
4. Who is the biggest tool bag receiver in the NFL?
3. What are your thoughts on Twitter trolls?
2. Any issues with the Jets’ requests for NFL security at Gillette Stadium?
1. Should winning your division still come with an automatic playoff berth and home game?

Bedard and Tony Massarotti also gave their 3 Up and 3 Down from New England’s Thursday night win over the Miami Dolphins.


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