By Kate Merrill, WBZ-TVBy Kate Merrill

HOPKINTON (CBS) – At first glance, this may look like a candy, blue and round, but Police say this is no treat.

This is a dangerous toilet bowl cleaning tablet that was given out to trick or treaters. It’s a dangerous mix of bleach, toxins and chemicals.

Local mother Danielle Owens says, “I can’t imagine anyone playing that kind of a joke on little kids trying to trick or treat.”

It happened Halloween night in Hopkinton; this tablet was turned over to police when a mom made the shocking find.

But this wasn’t an isolated incident. Police tell WBZ it happened twice, to a six-year-old and a 14-year-old. Both were trick or treating in the downtown area.

Mom Stephanie Morey says, “I think I was really surprised this is Hopkinton you don’t expect this type of thing.”

Stephanie Morey’s 13-year-old son Benjamin was also trick or treating in the downtown area, she has gone through his candy to make sure.

Police want the warning out, to check candy bags carefully.

But for moms like Danielle Owens, they want more information.

Owens says, “The reaction from my friends was we hope it’s a innocent mistake we hope it was someone who didn’t realize what they were doing.”

Police tell WBZ they don’t know the motive, they are still investigating where this came from and why. Local worried parents are just relieved it was caught in time.

Owens says, “it definitely seems like something people will have to be more vigilant, innocent mistake or not.”


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