The MBTA wants the public to pick the exterior designs for more than 300 new Green, Orange and Red Line cars. The trolley cars will replace older models that are in constant need of repair.

“As these new cars are introduced to the Green, Orange, and Red Line fleets, customers will experience improvements in both capacity and reliability,” MBTA General Manager Frank DePaola said in a public statement.

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The new cars will also have more comfortable seating, and computer-controlled lighting, heating and cooling, the transit agency said.

The MBTA has provided three sets of exterior designs for each rapid transit line for public voting. You have until Nov. 3 to vote.

The new cars are scheduled to roll out beginning in 2017.

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WBZ received mixed reaction from people around town regarding the campaign.

“I could care less about the colors,” said one woman. “If you can get me from point A to point B in the time I need to do it, that’s what matters to me.”

What do you think of the MBTA’s campaign to allow riders to pick designs for new trains?

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