By Matt Dolloff (@mattdolloff)

BOSTON (CBS) — Another city outside of New England mocked the Patriots over DeflateGate. In other news, the sky is blue and water is wet.

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Yes, the DeflateGate jokes are getting old and just seem oddly timed now that Tom Brady and the Patriots are in the midst of another Scorched Earth Tour. And it’s especially tone-deaf and mildly cringe-worthy whenever a DeflateGate dig comes out of Indianapolis.

Well, get ready to cringe. Taylor’s Bakery in Indianapolis is preparing for Sunday’s clash between the Patriots and Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium by selling specially designed cookies to “honor” the memory of the most outrageously overblown scandal in sports history. The results are hit-and-miss.

The $15 “DeflateCakes” are just an eye-rollingly banal attempt at poking the bear (or in this case the Pat Patriot). This is the kind of thing that makes me pity fans like these. Say whatever you want about the Patriots, but I can’t give you much credit for something so lacking in originality.

I’d continue to kill Taylor’s Bakery for embarrassing themselves, but they won me over with their other concoctions. The Brady “Monster Cookies” are simple yet appropriately named – because clearly the Brady courtroom sketch more resembles Lurch from the Addams Family.

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But the coup de grace, the absolute posterization that will ripple across New England, rock the foundation of Patriot Place, and devastate the region for generations, is the broken cell phone cookies.

There’s no recovering from this, Patriots Nation. We might as well put the Super Bowl banners away and call it a life.

This is of course harmless humor and nothing to get all riled up over, but you can’t help but feel there must be a lot of Colts fans who are embarrassed by this. The Patriots are in position to steamroll the Colts, and Indy was the organization that launched the DeflateGate fiasco in the first place. Other cities, like Buffalo, made DeflateGate jokes too – and look how that turned out.

Taylor’s Bakery is like those friends or co-workers who keep pulling pranks for no reason and fail to realize that they’re just annoying people and not making them laugh. Nobody likes that guy.

But hey, I give them credit for knowing how to run an effective promotion in their market. I’m sure plenty of Colts fans will literally eat this up. But knowing the whipping that Indy is about to take, there should be plenty of fans who see this and just want to put on a Halloween mask. You know, to hide their faces.

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