Felger and Massarotti

BOSTON (CBS) — Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bedard is back on Felger & Mazz for another NFL season, bringing his full breakdown of the previous week’s Patriots game to the table every week.

Bedard joined Felger & Mazz on Tuesday, armed with his famous chart, to break down New England’s 30-6 win over the Cowboys in Dallas.

You can watch the full segment above, but here are Bedard’s Ups & Downs (as well as Mazz’s) from Sunday’s win:

Bedard’s Ups

Jamie Collins

“I had him for nine plus-plays; he had a half sack, a QB hit, a hurry, half a run stuff and three more plus plays against the run… He was just awesome.”

Jabaal Sheard

“He had 1.5 sacks, a QB hit and a stuffed run. The sack with nine minutes left, that was a great game between him and Collins. They really play well with each other. Collins’ forced fumble of Jason Witten happened when Sheard rode him down the field… That was a key play and another example of those two working together.”

Dion Lewis

“Even if he did nothing else besides that touchdown he would have been on here anyways. That was an incredible individual effort.”

Mazz’s Ups

Jabaal Sheard

“I think Sheard is awesome and is an absolute force. He is tough, relentless and it feels like he plays hard on every play. I think he is a stud… The more I watch him play the more I love him.”

Jamie Collins

“Musical chairs, right? [Sheard] and Collins were the two best players on defense.”

Steven Gostkowski

“Listen up, loud and clear: Stepehn Gostkowski! I’m saying that for all the kicking people out there who think I think the guys sucks. I never said he sucks, never did. 57-yards right down the middle, what a great kick.”

Bedard’s Downs

Sebastian Vollmer

“He gave up a sack, two hits and two hurries…. I’ll give [Marcus] Cannon some benefit of the doubt because he played left tackle.”

Marcus Cannon

“He gave up a sack and two hurries, one stuffed run… I don’t know where he plays long-term on this team.”

Justin Coleman

“I had him for a penalty, he gave up a pass… There wasn’t much bad in this game, but he certainly had a few bad moments.”

Mazz’s Downs

Nate Solder

“He was terrible. Know why he didn’t play? Greg Hardy hurt him while he was blowing by him.”

Marcus Cannon

“The tackle play in that game was horrendous. Awful. Marcus Cannon never plays well, ever.”

Tom Brady

“At the end the offense produced and the numbers looked pretty good. I thought he held the ball too long on some of those sacks, which he admitted after the game.  Get the ball out of there, throw it away and don’t take the sack. Overall it’s hard to pick on Brady, but I thought he could have been better.”

(Bedard put one sack on Brady and faulted the offensive line for the four others)


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