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BOSTON (CBS) — The father of Bella Bond says her mother told him their child was dead, but he didn’t call police. So why isn’t he being charged as an accessory to the cover-up?

Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley tells WBZ political analyst Jon Keller that it does not appear that Joe Amoroso is criminally culpable.

“He didn’t have knowledge of the acts that constituted the homicide and the accessory after the fact, we believe, no more than a day before the arrests were made,” Conley said. “We can perhaps say he is morally culpable, he certainly should’ve picked up the phone and done something earlier.”

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There’s also been a lot of criticism of neighbors who didn’t ask questions or alert officials about Bella’s disappearance, despite the high-profile nature of the Baby Doe case.

Bella Bond (Photo from Facebook)

Bella Bond (Photo from Facebook)

“I don’t believe that the folks who lived in the house intentionally did not contact law enforcement,” Conley said. “It appears they were uninformed, as hard as that is to believe for us.”

Conley and Keller also discuss calls for charges to be dropped for the I-93 protesters, and the campaign to legalize recreational marijuana usage in the state.

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