BURLINGTON (CBS) – Police called a number associated with a possible scam targeting Burlington residents. But the woman that answered the phone didn’t appreciate the questions from officers.

Burlington Police shared a series of tweets on Saturday explaining the “trouble” they ran into while looking into a potential scam targeting senior citizens.

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(Image Credit: Burlington Police Department)

(Image Credit: Burlington Police Department)

Residents had received a postcard alerting them that a package is waiting to be delivered. The mailing asks the recipient to give their credit card number so they can receive a package they did not order.

When officers called the telephone number listed on the card, a woman who answered could not provide a legitimate address or company name.

After the woman hung up, police called back. A person named Sue threatened to call the police on… the police.

A Twitter user lightheartedly told police they should have given the woman the main number for the Burlington Police Department and asked her to report them.

“We did just that,” Burlington Police responded.

The phone number associated with the scam, 1 (800) 208-4460, is listed in some online complaints as being based out of Illinois, but the woman answering the phone said the company was in Maine.