GLOUCESTER (CBS) – The Gloucester Police Department is taking another unique step as it attempts to combat the opiate addiction epidemic.

This week the department posted to its Facebook page a list of the country’s top five pharmaceutical CEO’s in terms of salary.

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Included in the post was the email address and phone number for each CEO.

The department’s message to the public was to “make some calls” and find out what the companies are doing to address the country’s opioid epidemic.

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Gloucester Police cited data they say shows that nearly 80-percent of addiction begins with legally prescribed drugs.

Police told residents “don’t get mad” when they call the CEOs, instead they urged them to “politely ask” what the companies plan to do to address the issue.

“They can definitely be part of the solution here and I believe they will be….might need a little push,” the Gloucester Police Department posted.

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Earlier this year Gloucester Police garnered national attention with their program designed to get drug addicts off the streets and into rehab instead of arresting them.