By Paul Burton

GARDNER (CBS) – On June 25th, Bella Bond’s body was found on Deer Island. State Police released the first composite image shortly thereafter and they were sent around the world shared millions of times online. Somehow, no one recognized her or said anything until Thursday.

WBZ’s Paul Burton spoke with Bella’s aunt, Tamera Bond, who said she was following the story the whole time, but had no idea the baby was her niece.

Michael McCarthy, the boyfriend of Bella’s mother, is accused of killing her. Bella’s mother, Rachelle, is charged as an accessory after the fact.

Tamera says her sister Rachelle has had a very troubling life. She wished only that she had contacted her for help.

“I just don’t understand why she would do this,” Tamera said. “Rachelle, my sister, I don’t think she should have had children.”

The last time she saw Bella and Rachelle was in January. Even then, she could tell the way she treated her daughter was not right.

Tamera said she never saw her sister hit Bella, but says she was “volatile and angry.”

Rachelle had a history with drugs according to her sister.

Tamera had heard about the “Baby Doe” story but had no idea it was her niece.

“I saw the picture but she looked like any brown eyed baby, cute little girl,” Tamera said. “The cheeks of Bella were much chubbier.”

Rachelle Bond and Michael McCarthy will be arraigned on Monday.

Paul Burton

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