BOSTON (CBS) – Officials from the Department of Children and Families said caseworkers had some interaction with the family of Baby Doe, who has been identified as a young girl named Bella Bond.

DCF spokesman Rhonda Mann said the organization has been working closely with investigators since the toddler was found dead on Deer Island in June.

On Friday, Rachelle Bond was arrested in connection with Bella’s death. Her boyfriend Michael McCarthy is in custody at a Boston hospital.

Michael McCarthy and Rachelle Bond arrested in connection with death of Bella Bond (Photos Suffolk DA/RMV)

Michael McCarthy and Rachelle Bond arrested in connection with death of Bella Bond (Photos Suffolk DA/RMV)

There has not been an open DCF case involving the family in more than two years, but officials said they did have involvement with Bella when she was an infant.

“Now that we know her name, the story is no less tragic,” DCF said in a statement.

DCF had contact with Bella two times, once between August and December 2012 and again between June and September 2013, both times providing service for neglect.

Each time the DCF said services were provided and the case was closed.

In addition, between 2001 and 2006 DCF terminated parental rights for two of Rachelle Bond’s other children. One child was adopted by the maternal grandmother. The other was adopted by a non-related family.

After Bella’s body was found in June, DCF workers did a sweep of all open cases, visiting each child in person who was in the correct age range.

Mann said DCF workers did not come across the Bond family because it was not an open case.

“Our thoughts are with Bella’s extended family as the investigation into her death continues,” Mann said.

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