By Matt Dolloff, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — The vulgar, irreverent, and hilarious South Park kicks off its 19th season on Wednesday, and the subject of the episode might hit close to home in New England.

Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are equal-opportunity offenders, believing that no one is safe, no one is immune to ridicule. They’re also huge Denver Broncos fans, and do not think highly of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the Patriots.

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Wednesday’s season premiere, titled “Stunning and Brave”, says the four main characters will “express their utmost respect for Caitlyn Jenner” as South Park Elementary’s new principal tries to make them “confront the damage they’ve done through their history of racism and unconscious bias,” according to a press release.

In an apparent subplot, Cartman gets four days detention from the new principal. But he’s going to “Tom Brady this thing,” a.k.a. fight to get his suspension overturned. He even throws in a dig at Gisele.

This is not the first time Parker & Stone have lampooned Brady or the Patriots. In the season 12 episode “Eek! A Penis!”, which aired in 2008 in the wake of Spygate, Cartman poses as a teacher in an inner-city high school and teaches his students to cheat on standardized tests, imploring them to say “I misinterpreted the rules.”

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And in the season 16 episode “Sarcastaball”, Brady endorses Butters’ new sports drink that is actually, um, bodily fluids. And in the latest example, Brady pooped himself on the field after accidentally taking laxatives in place of “hormones” in the season 17 episode “Taming Strange”.

Anyone who is a fan of both South Park and the Patriots knows the show is satire, and Parker & Stone are just poking fun at the absurdity of the entire DeflateGate situation rather than expressing legitimate disdain. They’ve gone on record saying they don’t legitimately hate any of the celebrities they spoof on a weekly basis – except maybe Barbara Streisand.

There are bound to be butthurt fans who see whatever South Park says about Brady and get irrationally offended about it. If you’re already seething at the thought of South Park lambasting the Patriots, just lighten up. It’s comedy.

The episode seems to have more of a focus on Caitlyn Jenner, anyway, with Tom Brady as a side story. South Park’s take on the Jenners will undoubtedly be the part that creates the most controversy. But considering Parker & Stone’s history, their latest attack on the Patriots may be their hottest take yet.

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Matt Dolloff is a digital producer for and admirer of salty Broncos fans. Read more from Matt here and follow him on Twitter @mattdolloff.