BOSTON (CBS) – Last year we did a series on Money Regrets. Basically it was about the dumb things we do involving money. I heard from listeners for weeks willing to share their dumb things.

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We have all done dumb things with our money at one time or another. Sometimes we should have known better but it sounds so good we can’t resist or worse we are pressured into buying stuff we don’t need.

So I thought we would spend some time looking at the money regrets people have and maybe learn from them.

Putting in an in-ground swimming pool. It was hot this summer but not so hot that it warrants you putting in a pool many listeners told me. Pools effect the resale value of your home negatively, and they cost money to maintain each year. Price tag could be over $3,000 a year. And there is the increased insurance cost as well.

Time Shares: I heard from many folks who are stuck with their time shares. Hard to resell and you still need to pay your annual maintenance fees each year. Their advice: Do not purchase a time share. It will be cheaper in the long run to vacation where and when you want to.

Extended Warranties are often not worth the paper they are written on. Some cost as much as the item you are purchasing. You still get the manufacturer’s warranty that will protect against defects. And if you buy it from a reputable dealer they will take it back if it’s defective.

A new computer though I would take the warranty. You certainly don’t need one on a toaster or blender.

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As Seen on TV Products: You are watching TV and up pops an ad for furniture polish made in the Pennsylvania Dutch country by the Amish. Sounds so good for it renews old furniture and heaven knows you have old furniture.

You sit there with your phone and order it because the ad states it’s not available in stores and you can only buy it online. Not so! I have seen it on Amazon, in Walmart, and the hardware store!

I have seen racks at Target and Walmart with some of the products that you may have seen on TV. You can then decide if it is truly something you want or need.

A very simple question to ask when purchasing anything. Is this something I need or is it just something I want? If it falls into the need category then get it. If it’s the want category think about it for 24 hours. Impulse shopping almost always produces regrets.


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