By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

DEDHAM (CBS) – It’s a piece of steel that tells so many stories, a crossbeam from the World Trade Center that was retrieved from the rubble. It will be on display for a 9/11 memorial service in Dedham, but it’s history of arriving here dates back to the Weymouth Fire Department.

“This beam is part of a structure that came down and with it came many souls,” said Weymouth Firefighter Jeremy Bailey. It was a four year effort for Weymouth firefighters’ Local 1616 to apply for the cherished piece of American history.

They traveled to New York City last year to retrieve it and firefighter Brad Flannery spearheaded the effort. “We consider ourselves custodians of history and treat the beam with honor, dignity and respect.”

WBZ-TV’s Julie Loncich reports

The eleven foot, 2,000 pound crossbeam is one of the few pieces from the World Trade Center that still remains, and a testament to the power of the attack.

“The crude shape of that beam is today representative of fire, of impact, and of lives lost,” said Bailey. Flannery says his desire to join the Weymouth Fire Department was influenced by a desire to serve after September 11. “It makes it really real,” says Flannery. “For people growing up here it’s a history lesson.”

The firefighters are working on a permanent display for the beam, and hope on the 15th anniversary they will have a dedication.

Beth Germano