BOSTON (CBS) — When Julian Edelman is done catching passes in the NFL, he may have a fallback in the world of comedy.

Edelman has virtually tickled his fans’ funny bones this offseason with a handful of YouTube videos. In his most recent posting, the receiver takes a shot at the world of car sales after he spent all his money following New England’s Super Bowl XLIX victory.

“Yep, I lost all my Super Bowl money on these exotic haircuts and these stupid videos,” states Edelman, adding that selling cars, “should be a piece of cake.”

The video follows Edelman throughout a day of work at Prime Motors, where he doesn’t have much success making a sale but fires off plenty of funny lines at customers and to himself in a mirror.

“Tom [Brady] is more of a classic, old-man type handsome,” he tells one customer. “I’m more of a rugged, boy next door handsome.”

Edelman should stick with catching (and occasionally throwing) footballs for now, and then maybe Comedy Central will reach out after he retires. Whatever he does after football, he should stay away from the sales floor.

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