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BOSTON (CBS) — The T&R Draft returned on Thursday morning, with the topic this time being the greatest mob/gangster movie of all time.

The genesis for the topic came from the upcoming “Black Mass” film about Whitey Bulger starring Johnny Depp. An earlier discussion noted that hitmen movies count.

Fred was out, so Rich Keefe filled in. Dan O’Brien flipped the famous three-sided coin, and Jon Wallach won the first overall pick.

Here’s how the draft went.

Jon Wallach
1. Goodfellas
2. The Godfather, Part II
3. A Bronx Tale

Rich Keefe
1. The Godfather
2. Pulp Fiction
3. True Romance

Rich Shertenlieb
1. Reservoir Dogs
2. The Untouchables
3. City Of God

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