By Jim Smith

HARWICH (CBS) – Students at Cape Cod Regional Tech in Harwich are protesting new restrictions on yoga pants. They say their school’s new dress code promotes body shaming.

Female students there say they shouldn’t be forced to cover their bodies. The new rule requires yoga pants to be worn with a dress, skirt or shorts.

Some want school officials to change the rules.

The senior class president joined others in wearing just the pants as a protest.

“I definitely see both sides I think we need to dress appropriately at school not show anything that is inappropriate but at the same time we need to be standing up for our rights in what we can wear,” Seana Aiolupotea said.

“It’s pretty much like the same thing that’s going on in the Middle East,” a male student said. “Women can’t drive because it’s a distraction to men and I don’t think it’s fair that we can take something away from the girls just because it’s either distracting the guys or its non-professional.”

For now, violators won’t be punished

“In the hallways we’re always addressing dress in one way or another,” said Superintendent Robert Sanborn. “It’s hats indoors, tank tops things of that nature, and it’s a teachable moment it’s not a disciplinary action it’s not detention.”

Meanwhile, the debate goes on.

“Yoga pants are really comfortable,” one female student said.

“Being a girl I also feel uncomfortable with it, seeing a girl showing things,” another female student said. “I’m like they shouldn’t be dressing like that!”

So for now yoga pants violators will be addressed with teachable moments not punishment. Incidentally this school district is not alone. Restrictions on yoga pants have been in place in many different school districts across the country.

Jim Smith

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