BOSTON (CBS) — According to Houston Texans owner Bob McNair, the seven-month long saga known as DeflateGate would have never risen to “scandal” status if the Patriots had just played nice from the start.

McNair, speaking to  SportsRadio610 in Houston, said that Texans star J.J. Watt would never have destroyed his cell phone during an investigation, so the Houston organization would never be in the same sticky situation as the Patriots are right now.

What’s more, McNair stated plainly that there is no conclusive evidence that proves anything that violated NFL rules took place the night of the AFC Championship Game. However, McNair seems to have zero doubt that the Patriots are guilty.

“That’s why they did it.”

Once again, this is a fellow owner for whom Robert Kraft was assumed to have fallen on his sword, all for the greater good of the league, the “partnership of the 32,” and so on and so forth. But instead of a unified front, all Kraft might have guaranteed is a future with some icy, awkward interactions at future meetings among owners.


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