BOSTON (CBS) – The Charles River has never been really known as the cleanest river, but these days, parts of it are good enough to swim in and now there’s a new chapter. The Harpoon Brewery is using water from the river in their new Charles River Pale Ale.

“This is really exciting,” says Harpoon President Charlie Storey. “We’ve done a lot of experimentation with beer ingredients over the years, different spices, herbs, unusual hop varieties, but we’ve never really experimented with different water sources so this is a first for us and we’re thrilled about it.”

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A Newton company called Desalitech treated the river water until it was more pure than tap water. Now the beer is aging in huge vats at the brewery.

So will the concept fly with Harpoon fans?

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“I guess with proper boiling measures, I can’t say no, I would probably try it,” one woman said.

“I grew up around here, I would absolutely drink a beer brewed with water from the Charles,” a man said. “I think you have to if you’re a native.”

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The finished batch will be about 20 kegs available for a limited time at the Harpoon Beer Hall and it will be ready in about two or three weeks.