By Ken MacLeod

LEICESTER (CBS) — The man responsible for what police call the worst crime in Leicester history is asking for parole, and police are doing everything they can to stop it.

Marvin Cathey was sentenced to two life terms for the brutal murder of ex-girlfriend Debra Kucher and the rape and murder of her 9-year-old daughter Cassie. Cathey’s first parole hearing is scheduled for next week, so police chief Jim Hurley did something unusual.

Marvin Cathy (WBZ-TV)

Marvin Cathey (WBZ-TV)

Hurley posted an online petition on the department’s Facebook page, asking members of the public who oppose the hearing to sign it.

“I believe that this individual does not belong back on the street,” Hurley said.

Leicester residents like Larry Murphy are not happy with the idea that a convicted murderer could be back on the streets.

“It’s just wrong, I mean, he’s an animal and animals should be kept in cages,” Murphy said.

Hurley says he believes in due process and rehabilitation, but after reviewing Cathey’s heinous crime and his prison disciplinary record in the 16 years since, Hurley still sees a public safety threat.

Hurley is hoping people will also show up to the hearing.

“The loudest voice in this is the voice of the public,” he said.

“[Murphy] is a walking advertisement for why we should have [the death penalty],” said Murphy.

Hundreds of people have already signed the petition. It will be presented to the parole board at the hearing.

Ken MacLeod


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