By Katie Brace, WBZ-TVBy Katie Brace

BOSTON (CBS) – Stress often accompanies a new school year. On Monday, Janelle Alicea will begin her senior year at Fitchburg High.

“There’s been a lot of bullying. There’s been a lot of all that type of stuff, so it’s really hard. I just really want to make sure that I stay focused, just so I can get into a good college, make sure everything works out exactly how I want it to,” said Alicea.

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Marilyn Wilcher is a senior director at the Benson-Henry Institute at Mass General Hospital. They focus on mind-body medicine.

Wilcher said she was horrified when she read recent numbers about who is stressed-out. “Teens are the most stressed demographic in the country. I mean that is really shocking and upsetting,” said Wilcher.

She helps teach teens and their parents how to relax by breaking the regular stressful train of thought.

“A breath focus, a mediation, a word focus, for a lot people it’s yoga. It can be repetitive exercise. It can be running,” said Wilcher.

In the lab, she’s found those relaxation techniques lower blood pressure and heart rate.

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She shared an example of repeating a line while focusing on breathing. “I am at peace. So when you’re repeating that, you can’t be worrying,” said Wilcher.

Alicea and her mom, Kathleen Salo, traveled to the Benson-Henry in Boston for two months.

“I think it’s changed the way I think,” said Alicea.

The pair now meditate. Alicea found drawing helps her de-stress.

“It just completely takes my mind off of just everything that’s stressing me out,” said Alicea.

Salo said it’s made a difference and she can tell by her daughter’s smile.

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Marilyn Wilcher, Senior Director of BHI’s Resilient Youth Program, wrote a book on this topic called “Grab a Tiger by the Toe.”