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BOSTON (CBS) – A Saugus father says he is disgusted with a department store’s back to school displays that he says target college students and encourage them to drink.

Jason Rubin was shopping at a Saugus Target when he noticed a display for back to school that included shot glasses, growlers for craft beer, and bottle openers that say “I love day drinking.”

“It wasn’t just promoting drinking alcohol but drinking all day long,” Rubin said.

Rubin says he saw this display while shopping at Target for his daughter who just left for college to begin her freshman year.

“It had bottle openers that said ‘I love day drinking.’ There was a glass that said ‘You can’t drink all day unless you start in the morning,’” Rubin said.

“It wasn’t just about partying at college. It was about really developing unhealthy habits pertaining to alcohol.”

Rubin voiced his concern to Target on Twitter. They responded saying it was not their intention to offend Rubin or other customers.

A Target customer complained about the store's advertising that he says encourages drinking. (WBZ-TV)

A Target customer complained about the store’s advertising that he says encourages drinking. (WBZ-TV)

Dr. Richard Saitz is a professor of Medicine & Community Health Science at Boston University.

He says there’s a danger behind promoting drinking – especially to younger students.

“I would not have wanted to have been in that store with my daughter shopping for college supplies,” he said.

“Even if they know that it’s against the law and they are not supposed to, clearly the message is maybe they are supposed to.”

Rubin says Target should take the display down.

“You’re talking about a major corporation that depends on families for their revenues and I think they have some responsibility not to be promoting dangerous behaviors,” Rubin said.

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