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BOSTON (CBS) – It was an Over/Under Tuesday night on The Adam Jones Show’s “Game of Jones.”

In this latest edition, Adam Jones gives his take on the following topics:

– Interceptions By Malcolm Butler: 3.5

“I’m taking the over. That’s a number that, we’ve seen players who aren’t that good come in and blow that number out of the water, or at least be in that vicinity,” said Jones. “I’m not telling you he is going to be Darrelle Revis. He needs to be the best corner on this team, and if he’s going to be the best corner he better have more than three interceptions this year.”

– Wins By Geno Smith: Over/Under Wins By Jimmy Garoppolo

Geno Smith and Jimmy Garoppolo. (Photos by Getty Images)

Geno Smith and Jimmy Garoppolo. (Photos by Getty Images)


“That will be the under. You know why? I think Garoppolo starts the opener, the Patriots win the opener, and I’m not sold Geno smith starts a game or wins a game for the Jets this year. Even if Garoppolo only gets one start, one will be enough to get more victories than Geno Smith this season.”

–  Money It Would Take To Punch Someone In The Face: $600

“Way over,” said Jones. “I would need a much more substantial debt to me to go around sucker punching somebody. It would have to be a sizeable amount of money, basically to cover my hospitable bill for when I punch them in the head and they come back and beat me to a pulp.”

– Red Sox Pitchers To Record A Save Rest Of Season: 3.5

“I’ll go over. Junichi Tazawa, Jean Machi and Ryan Cook are in the mix,” said Jones. “On top of that, [there are Triple-A possibilities in] Heath Hembree, Matt Barnes, maybe Joe Kelly. I don’t see any pitcher who is the ‘no brainer’ to get saves for this team, so I’ll take the over. I could see five or six guys getting saves for them before the season is over.”

– Tiger Woods’ First-Round Score In PGA Championship On Thursday: Par

“Easy, easy way over for Tiger Woods. He has been horrible now for three years in majors. I’ll take the over and I won’t even think twice about it.”


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