BOSTON (CBS) – The man who initially broke the story that the New England Patriots were under investigation for playing the AFC Championship Game with underinflated footballs believes it would be in the NFL’s best interest to cut a deal with Tom Brady.

Hurley: First Day In Court Goes Down As A Win For Tom Brady’s Side

Bob Kravitz, a columnist for in Indiana, told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 after Wednesday’s federal court hearing in Manhattan that there’s no predicting how Judge Richard Berman will rule in the DeflateGate debate.

During Wednesday’s court proceedings, Berman pointed out that Brady’s performance in the second half of the game against the Colts was better than his first half performance. The footballs were fully inflated after halftime.

“That is completely and utterly immaterial to the issue here,” Kravitz told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

“The fact that they did even better against an overmatched Colts team in the second half with properly inflated footballs is completely immaterial but it suggests to me that the NFL had better make a deal here because I don’t know what they’re dealing with in this Judge Berman.”

Kravtiz said that most Colts fans are more focused on their own team’s issues rather than the latest DeflateGate drama.

He admitted, however, that many people in Indiana also likely enjoyed seeing Tom Brady sitting in a federal courtroom.

“They’re enjoying watching the Patriots squirm a little bit,” Kravitz said.

Bob Kravitz Talks With WBZ NewsRadio 1030


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