BOSTON (CBS) – No one plans to be an ex-spouse. Not even Donald Trump. But he does plan as if the marriage won’t last.

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He has a pre-nup. His first spouse got $30 million plus $350,000 a year alimony; the second only got $2 million. This current spouse I am sure will get even less even if she works hard on his presidential campaign!

Divorce is not for sissies! It can be living hell for all involved especially the kids! Now that the recession is over the divorce rate is climbing again for first marriages and around 60% of second marriages end in divorce.

A divorce can be devastating emotionally and financially. All those goals and dreams you so carefully crafted as a couple are shattered. It tears a family apart. What may have been a loving relationship most times turns into an acrimonious one at best.

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So as a single parent or someone who is single again you need to rethink your financial goals. If there are children involved how are you planning to care for them? If you are the custodial parent or sending child support checks that kiddo should be the number one financial goal for both parents. How do you take care of them?

First thing is goal setting. The old goals won’t work. Write down your new goals. You will be more committed to them if you have them in writing and review them every 6 months or at least once a year.

Do a net worth. Was there anything left after the divorce? Many people end up splitting debt not assets in the final tally.

Review all of the financial accounts including retirement that have a beneficiary listed. Who is it? Does it need to be changed?

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The retirement account will become even more important when you are single for you may be single when you retire and you may need more dollars saved to maintain your life style. How much more can you afford to contribute each paycheck?