By Katie Brace, WBZ-TVBy Katie Brace

DENVER (CBS) – Passengers on Delta Flight 1889 from Logan Airport to Salt Lake City, Utah experienced an emergency landing due to hail.

Robb Wessman, of Belmont, was a passenger.

“It felt very out-of-control,” he said.

The Airbus plane hit bad weather at the Nebraska-Colorado border on Friday night.

The hail broke the cockpit window and partially tore the fuselage.

Hail that fell in Colorado on Friday night. (Photo Credit: Wiggins Fire Department)

Hail that fell in Colorado on Friday night. (Photo Credit: Wiggins Fire Department)

“The pilot banked the plane and then descended fairly rapidly. Looking at the graph later, it was about 12,000 feet (drop) in just a minute or a minute-and-a-half,” he says.

Wessman, who is hardly a flying novice, started messaging his wife about what was going on, telling her people were crying and shaking.

Other frequent flyers also shared their fears afterwards.

“I fly constantly and this was the scariest 10 minutes of my life. I thought to myself while it was happening ‘OK, have I told everyone I love, I love them,” said Robin Jones.

The flight made an emergency landing at 9 p.m. in Denver, Colorado. The plane landed safely.

One person was taken to the hospital.

The passengers were put on another plane to Salt Lake City.

Wessman, who attended his 20th high school reunion on Saturday, might have had one of the more interesting stories of the night.

Katie Brace

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