SCITUATE (CBS) – A Scituate beach was briefly closed after an apparent shark sighting late Saturday morning.

Humarock Beach closed around noon after the shark sighting was reported.

The Scituate harbormaster was out on the water investigating the reported shark.

After less than an hour, beachgoers were allowed back in the water.

Some people told WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith they saw the shark, but experts did not find one.

Thomas Laur was just about to go out on his paddleboard when the sighting happened.

He says a couple people spotted the shark about 50 yards from the shore.

The incident had some beachgoers uncertain about entering the ocean.

“If I know there are sharks in the area, I won’t go anywhere near the water,” says Wayne Mounce of Scituate. “I’m afraid of them.”

Scituate resident Wendy Mounce said “It makes you more cautious, obviously. I don’t think I’m going to go way far out and paddleboard or do my kayaking out there. It is what it is. It’s their home.”