The heat continues – although we get a break in the oppressive humidity today as drier air works into the region.  We hit 91 in Boston yesterday and 92 the day prior.  If we can hit 90+ today, it’ll be an official heat wave! We didn’t have any heat waves at Logan Airport in 2014…but our last heat wave was a stifling 7 day stretch of 91-99 degree temps from July 14-20th in 2013.

Today will be a storm-free day, so no need to worry about any thunderstorm activity.  This weekend should be mostly dry as well, although a few pop-up storms tomorrow afternoon can’t be ruled out. The greatest risk of a storm comes from mid afternoon until the early evening.  The threat for thunder is not high enough to cancel outdoor plans – and I’m not anticipating any severe storms…so just keep an eye out for dark skies and your general run-of-the-mill  storms in a few communities.

2015 RPM 4KM (4)

Sunday will be a dry and beautiful summer day.  Both weekend days will feature slightly uncomfortable dewpoints, especially if you’re sensitive to the humidity – but nothing crazy. Highs will top out 84-89 each afternoon.

We’ll stay hot on Monday and Tuesday  (low 90s) before relatively cooler air works into the region by the middle and end of next week.

2015 PMC Forecast

Good luck to all the Pan Mass Challenge riders this weekend!! Yes, it will be hot, but it’s nothing we haven’t dealt with in the past. Morning temperatures will be quite nice (in the upper 50s to low 60s). Stay hydrated, stay cool & stay safe. I’ll see you on the road!


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