BOSTON (CBS) — As soon as you heard that Tom Brady “destroyed” his cell phone prior to his meeting with Ted Wells’ investigative team, you just knew that a flood of hot takes was coming.

While Toucher & Rich did not have the time to tackle all of them on Wednesday’s show, they did manage to single out one Hot Take offender: The Indy Star’s Gregg Doyel.

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Doyel, a longtime player in the DeflateGate saga who wrote in the immediate aftermath of the suspicions that Bill Belichick should be banned from the NFL for life and the Patriots should have been removed from the Super Bowl, wrote a column on Wednesday titled, “Tom Brady, DeflateGate villain.”

Sounds like a job for The Hot Take Police.

Doyel wrote:

It’s worse than we thought. Well, not it. Him. Tom Brady. He’s worse than we thought.

And we thought he was bad. Nah, we knew it. The Ted Wells report on DeflateGate made it clear the Patriots deflated footballs for the AFC title game against the Colts, made it clear which team employees did it, and left just about no doubt — for anyone outside of New England — that quarterback Tom Brady was ultimately responsible.

Tom Brady, cheater.

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Then he appealed his four-game suspension on the grounds that he was innocent.

Tom Brady, liar.

Bad, right? But it’s worse. No, not it. Him. Tom Brady. He’s worse than a liar, worse than a cheat. He’s a man of low integrity.

Before Tuesday, he was merely a garden variety cheater. But the revelation that Brady had destroyed his cell phone before his interview with Ted Wells makes it clear what species, what kind of cretin, we’re looking at.

Tom Brady, shameless.

Brady has left Rafael Palmeiro territory, wagging his figurative finger at the camera and saying, “I don’t believe so,” when asked if he’s a cheater, and entered the more nefarious neighborhood of Ryan Braun and Lance Armstrong. Rigged muscles, rigged footballs — it’s rigging the contest. Gaming the system. Cheating the other team from the fair game it deserves.

Brady rigged the AFC championship game.

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There’s no better crew to handle this scorching column than The Hot Take Police. Listen to them below: