Toucher & Rich

BOSTON (CBS) –After a three-day hiatus, the much-anticipated return of 98 Mile III hit the Sports Hub airwaves on Tuesday morning.

In this prolific rap battle, morning host Fred Toucher squared off against fill-in headline man Marshall Hook, aka Takenado.

The history with these two goes way back, all the way to a few weeks ago when Fred picked Hook to be in his Sports Hub posse in a T&R Draft. Fred referred to Hook as a “wild card” and said “He seems to be a bizarre, bizarre character.” But in an endearing way. Or so we thought!

Certainly, the two didn’t look like old pals on Tuesday morning, when they went at each other the only way they know how: by way of a vicious rap battle.

We’re not allowed to post the raps online due to copyright rules, but if you heard the raps, vote below!

Thanks for voting. Fred Toucher won this round with 64 percent of the vote!


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