FOXBORO (CBS) — Rylie Hart, 8, is like a tiny ball of energy, which is amazing considering she deals with an illness that can change her day at any time. Her illness came into play when she arrived at Gillette Stadium on Friday to see her favorite performer, Taylor Swift.

Rylie has a disease called CVS or cyclic vomiting syndrome.

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“She becomes extremely nauseous and sometimes spikes a fever. She will throw up…and throw up. This can last days, hours and usually we go to the hospital,” said mom Amy Hart.

Before the concert started, an ambulance rushed Rylie from Gillette Stadium to the hospital.

“All those people spent all that money to get me tickets and then I couldn’t go back because it was over by the time I went home,” said Rylie.

The concert tickets had been given to Rylie to help her feel better. People had raised money to buy them. A month ago, Rylie had a grapefruit-sized tumor removed from her stomach.

After missing the concert, single mom Amy Hart thought there was no way they’d see Taylor Swift.

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“It shows some people have a really big heart and she’s one of them (pointing to Mia Hill),” said Hart.

“It just broke my heart knowing how much she was looking forward to this,” said Mia Hill, Hart’s friend from high school.

Mia took to social media. Gillette Stadium and the Kraft family gave two prime seats to Rylie for Taylor Swift’s Saturday show.

“Tears of joy I was so happy she got to go and it was amazing to get to go,” said Hart.

“She’s nice. She has good clothes. She’s a good singer,” said Rylie.

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The singer inspires Rylie, who is inspirational herself.