BOSTON (CBS) — Like pretty much everyone else in New England, Rob Gronkowski wants all this DeflateGate nonsense to go away.

The Patriots tight end joined CBS This Morning on Friday to promote his new book, It’s Good To Be Gronk, and said waiting for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to make a decision on Tom Brady’s appeal is getting “annoying.”

“I think he should just get the four games wiped out baby! Roger, just wipe out those four games and make this easy,” Gronk told hosts Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell. “Put this in the past; it’s pretty annoying that you keep holding it up.”

Brady appealed his four-game suspension back on June 23, and if Goodell doesn’t vacate the suspension all together, the NFLPA will reportedly fight his decision in Federal Court.

So Rog, just listen to Gronk and end this thing.

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