By Kathryn Hauser, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Destination weddings, when a couple asks all their guests to travel someplace like a tropical island to make a week-long vacation out of their nuptials, have become popular in recent years.

Now the ante is being raised with the advent of “Adventure Weddings.”

Couples are inviting their family and friends to join them on a variety of physical activities as part of the wedding fun.

Marzi and Brian Daoust had their wedding on a Caribbean Island, but included all kinds of activities like rock climbing. Marzi says their loved ones understood this kind of itinerary. “They know I’m into this fitness thing, with the health lifestyle, and all my friends kind of lead the same lifestyle as us. So they all participated, and I thank them for it.”

Adventure weddings are growing in popularity. Guests are asked to spend the days leading up to the ceremony playing sports like volleyball or basketball. They might also take classes in spinning or yoga.

Some weddings include harder physical challenges, like running a ‘Tough Mudder’, or attending services underwater.

“I would say the trend is growing,” explained travel advisor Laura Lukasik. “It’s because people are out experiencing life more deeply . . . people don’t want a regular wedding. They want something that is memorable, not only by the bride and groom, but also by the family and friends.”

Adjustments to the physical rigor are often made to accommodate all guests, according to Lukasik. “Grandma and Grandpa, they’re not going to be at the bungee jumping experience, the sky diving experience, but they could be on the ground having a nice breakfast as they are jumping onto the field.”

Jamie Miles of believes the sharing of wedding pictures on social media is creating competition among couples to make sure their day is really unique. “I think the rise of popularity of the personalization of weddings is really the result of really being surrounded by inspiration.”

Miles added, “Incorporating these different activities such as hiking the day of the wedding or hiking to the summit of a mountain, exchanging vows and running back down, is something you might want to do because you haven’t seen it before.”


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