By Bill Shields, WBZ-TVBy Bill Shields

DUXBURY (CBS) – If you’ve been putting off taking that CPR course, this story might convince you to do it.

Tony Young recently went to his girlfriend’s apartment in Duxbury for lunch. The 50-year-old passed out, and was in full cardiac arrest. Kat Moran called 911. She didn’t know CPR, but the dispatcher Mike Mahoney talked her through it.

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“Put the heel of your hand on his breast bone, your other hand on top, and push down hard and rapidly,” said Mahoney on the 911 tape.

“This sound came out of Tony that I don’t want to repeat,” said Kat. “Then his eyes rolled back in his head. But the dispatcher kept me pumping his chest.”

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Even though Tony’s heart had stopped, by performing the CPR, Kat “kept the heart primed” until paramedics arrived.

“We had to defib him four times,” says EMT P.J. Hussey, “but without the CPR, I don’t know if he’d have made it.”

Tony is fine today, after having surgery to correct a blockage.

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“I’m just glad I had the team I had there, including my girlfriend,” he said. “She and I are both going to take CPR classes now.”

Bill Shields