By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) — I have tried to do the right thing, the responsible thing, and ignore most of the circus surrounding Donald Trump, or as Spy Magazine liked to call him, short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump.

But now the respected Suffolk Poll has conducted a national survey of Republicans and independents who intend to vote in the GOP primaries and they found the short-fingered vulgarian essentially tied with Jeb Bush atop the field.

Is this a sign of the apocalypse? Is it time to start checking the real estate listings in Toronto? Has America lost its marbles?

I say no, on all counts.

This poll, like all presidential polls 16 months out from election day, reflects name recognition and little else. Trump has been relentlessly on TV and in the news, and his poll numbers reflect that.

And while he may be a short-fingered vulgarian, Trump is not stupid. He knows that immigration is a hot-button issue for many voters, and he has expertly surfed the outrage over his derogatory comments on the topic.

It’s entirely possible that in the traditional news vacuum of midsummer, Trump’s publicity stunt may continue to draw eyeballs and poll support. But I’ll eat my script if he’s still a player by fall.

The Suffolk poll says Trump has a 60 percent unfavorable rating, far worse than any competitor. And it shows Hillary Clinton beating him by a bigger margin than any other Republican.

People may flirt with candidates they don’t like and don’t think can win, but they don’t vote for them.

Sorry, Donald. Before too much longer, you’re fired.

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Jon Keller