BOSTON (CBS) — Nearly four months after the last day of a record-setting winter, a notorious snow pile in Boston has finally melted.

The South Boston snow farm, which once reportedly towered about 75 feet high, is no more, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh declared Tuesday.

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“Our nightmare is officially over!” tweeted Gov. Charlie Baker, joining many other social media users who were thrilled that the last vestige of a miserable winter had disappeared.

When WBZ-TV checked out the pile on a hot humid day in July, we found a baby stroller, lottery tickets, part of a bicycle, laundry baskets, and hubcaps.

South Boston snow pile on July 7, 2015 (WBZ-TV)

South Boston snow pile on July 7, 2015 (WBZ-TV)

Boston broke its all-time snow record this past winter season, totaling over 110 inches. As WBZ-TV chief meteorologist Eric Fisher explained, a dry spring slowed the melting process.

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Earlier this month, Walsh announced the Snow Melt Challenge, inviting residents to send in their guesses for when the snow would melt. He said the winners will be announced Wednesday at City Hall Plaza.