BOSTON (CBS) — Commissioner William Evans says Boston police will not turn over undocumented immigrants to federal authorities for minor offenses, but violent crimes and felonies are a different story.

He was asked about the concept of sanctuary cities on Sunday’s Keller @ Large after a woman was recently killed in San Francisco, allegedly by an undocumented immigrant.

“I don’t think me and Mayor Walsh are completely on board with the sanctuary cities,” Evans told WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller.

Evans said he prefers a “balanced approach” when dealing with undocumented immigrant arrests.

“I think clearly we’re not in support of holding immigrants on minor offenses,” Evans said. “But I think if they commit any type of violent act or any type of felony, we’re going to hold those people accountable.”

Evans also addressed Fourth of July security, and what safety questions might come up if Boston is chosen to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.

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